golf skirt

Navigating Golf Skirts: Finding the Perfect Fit and Style with Sol Sister Sport

Imagine strolling on a sunny golf course, swinging your club, all while looking stylish and feeling comfortable. Welcome to the world of golf skirts. Traditionally, women outfitting themselves for a...
September 13, 2023 — Sol Sister Sport LLC
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skort capris

Elevate Your Style and Performance: The Sol Sister Sport Skort Capris Revolution

Experience the perfect blend of fashion and fitness with Sol Sister Sport. Shop products and getaways rooted in sun, sisterhood, and sports. 

September 07, 2023 — Sol Sister Sport LLC
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tennis or pickleball skirt with leggings

How to Choose the Right Tennis or Pickleball Skirt with Leggings

The popularity of tennis skirts with leggings among active women can be attributed to several factors: Women can feel at ease and confident on the tennis court in a 2-1...
August 23, 2023 — Sol Sister Sport LLC
skirted leggings

Skirted Leggings: A Guide to Finding the Perfect Fit

Throughout the history of tennis, women have not only made their mark on the court with incredible skill but also in the world of fashion. From the Williams sisters' iconic...
August 16, 2023 — Sol Sister Sport LLC
Artist Katy Kuhn

Artist Katy Kuhn

Katy Kuhn is a local artist and Bay Area native. Having dabbled in sports all her life: road and mountain biking, skiing, and sailing, at 62 she now loves to...
June 15, 2022 — Tina and Annika
Darilyn Kotzenberg

Darilyn Kotzenberg

Raised by an atheist anthropologist, my life has been deeply focused in nature and how humans affect the environment and ecosystems.  Living in a small home in Tahoe, I practice...
April 28, 2022 — Tina and Annika

Happy Birthday Anne Lamott!

  Reposted From Anne Lamott's Facebook on April 5, 2022:   I am going to be 68 in six days, if I live that long. I’m optimistic. Mostly. God, what...
April 10, 2022 — Tina and Annika