Hi, I am a Louisiana gal living in Los Angeles, where I love to hike and camp with my dog, go to the beach, and snowboard. I also enjoy reading (I'm a huge Stephen King fan!) and painting. When I am not out enjoying nature, or at work, I volunteer as an adult literacy teacher. I love the outdoors and spending time with my friends and family!
Hi! I am Jadelyn, a 25-year-old Los Angeles native. I am a sunshine seeking, free-spirited being, adventure loving, travel enthusiast! Staying active is very important to me. You can find me roller-skating near a beach, doing yoga, learning how to play tennis, or listening to music and dancing my butt off!”
Giselle is a model and actress from Los Angeles California currently living in New York City.  She takes a lot of pride in having a healthy lifestyle and finding ways to stay moving and most importantly, finding balance in the every day. When she’s not working catch her on a plane exploring a new beach! 


 Hello! My name is Mila Fox and I am an actor, model and content creator born in Los Angeles, CA. I have had a long-lived passion for creativity and really love expressing myself through art.  In June 2022, I graduated with a BFA, after studying for four years at Rhode Island School of Design and Brown University where I immersed myself in Interdisciplinary Arts and Theater.  I am currently pursuing acting & modeling full time and delving into media partnerships when I am off setIt was such a pleasure to work with Sol Sister Sport - their pieces are so comfy and both Annika & Tina are so kind.

To keep up with me, you can follow @milagracefox on Instagram and TikTok. Until then, I’ll see you on Sol Sister Sport!
Mila Fox @milagracefox



I am Beatriz Fox.  I went to film schools in both Los Angeles and New York and graduated with a BA in Screenwriting at Loyola Marymount University. I currently model, act and am a social media content creator focusing on fashion, beauty and lifestyle. You can find me between San Diego and Los Angeles making content and with my family. In addition, I am an advocate for autism and anti-bullying and have published several books on each subject. It was a pleasure to work with Sol Sister Sport and I would have to agree with my daughter, Mila Fox, that the Skort Leggings are an essential wardrobe piece!  You can find me on Instagram @Meant2beaaa TikTok @Beatrizfoxx and YouTube @Beatrizfoxx