Our Team

Tina Jennings

Tina loves sports! She’s played them her whole life, having grown up at the beach in Los Angeles. First it was soccer and two-man beach volleyball. As a young mom, she decided to learn how to play tennis to meet new friends and enjoy fun competition. “I love all types of games,” Tina admits, “especially if they involve chasing a ball.”

This California girl, who lives for being outside, has tried to protect her skin for thirty years. "I got sunburned a lot growing up, and by the time I was in my 20s, I was already covering myself up to avoid the sun.” She was the athletic gal sweating in tall socks and heavy long sleeves.

“What I really wanted was something that looked great, was comfortable, and stayed cool in warm weather. I mean, trying to avoid the sun shouldn’t keep us from having fun together.”

Annika Miller

Annika grew up on the East Coast in a family that loved sports and nature. She swam, figure skated, played soccer, lacrosse, paddle tennis and tennis competitively among other sports.

When she moved to Northern California as a young adult, she traded in team competition for weekend hikes on the mountain and recreational tennis. "Being in nature and outdoors is where I am happiest....and playing tennis not only connects me with my family of origin but also provides me with an active social life".

Now that she is in her 50's she finds it more important than ever to remain active both physically and mentally. Working on this line of performance wear for women fits perfectly with her passion for outside sports and supporting women at all stages of life.